Data Governance

Data Governance Consulting 

Human Factors are as much a key component of good Data Governance as technology. Consulting for large customers, e.g., in the Banking sector, we have been responsible for assessing the technical and organisational needs of our customer, developing a Data Governance strategy, and establishing a Data Governance operating model, and installing standardised policies, tools and procedures that engage and facilitate stakeholders and promote adoption throughout the organisation. 

Data Governance Tools 

We provide the software infrastructure for an organisation to capture, store, align, manage, and use its data assets, in accordance with government regulations and its own strategy and goals. Beyond the functional objectives of data discovery, quality, security and privacy, integration and access, and auditing, we provide the infrastructure to support an efficient and effective organisational culture of Data Governance, e.g. for defining and maintaining data policies, standards, and procedures, for identifying and assigning data owners, stewards, and users as appropriate for different data domains and assets, and for communicating, monitoring and facilitating organisational processes as implemented by the appropriate councils, committees, working groups and individuals within the organisation. 

Data Governance Research 

We actively engage in scientific R&D to develop and validate cutting edge technologies in support of Data Governance, including Semantic Web applications to data modelling, integration, and management; AI-powered middleware with capabilities such as highly automated integration even with unstructured external data sources and services; and machine learning applications including tools for ensuring data quality, detecting fraud, and for the interpretation of complex data.